First Baptist Church Brandon had its beginning in 1882, but this small body of people disbanded a year later due to lack of finances & interest. In 1885 a church was built & dedicated on the corner of Tenth Street & Princess Avenue. In the following years this structure was moved a few blocks east to Russell Street to be known as St. Andrew’s Presbyterian.

With the arrival of R.R. McKay to the community in 1902, plans began for building a new church. The cornerstone was laid on May 24th, 1904 at Eleventh Street & Lorne Avenue. The early congregation consisted of Presbyterian members, students & faculty from Brandon College. This church building was in continuous use until 1992.

The first pastor was Rev. J. H. Best & he led the congregation for five years. Thirty-two pastors followed Rev. Best providing Christian leadership down through the years.

In 1992 the services moved from Lorne & Eleventh to Waverly Park School. The church held services there for two years until the current church was built across the street at 3881 Park Avenue.

In the fall of 2010 our Family Center opened. It is a wonderful addition that provides space for ministry to continue to grow.